To become a member, the potential member must submit a request to the Surety Association President stating their intent. This submission should include a brief summary of the potential member and their relation to the surety industry. The potential member must send at least one representative to the next quarterly luncheon meeting. At that meeting, members will vote to include the potential member into the Surety Association.

The new Surety Association member must fill out the form on the roster page of the Surety Association website to include the company information.

Membership dues will be charged annually and all members must remain current with their dues.

There are two types of members:

Voting member: To qualify for voting membership, a person must be either an employee vested with authority as a representative of an insurance or surety company licensed to transact any class of fidelity, forgery or surety business in the State of Georgia or a licensed agent vested with authority as a representative of any Georgia bond producing agency or brokerage; provided that two or more members representing the same company shall be entitled collectively to one vote. Any member representing more than one company shall have only one vote. Each member, subject to the aforementioned qualifications, shall have implied power to designate any other employee of his company as his proxy with the full privilege of exercising his/her voting rights.

Associate member:  The Association, at the discretion of its Officers, may grant associate member status to persons employed in industries that serve the surety industry (such as CPA’s, attorneys, escrow/collateral agents, independent claim services, etc.).  Associate members shall enjoy all rights and privileges afforded to voting members, except they will not be eligible to serve as President or Vice President, nor will they be allowed to vote on any administrative question or election.