Advisory Committee

Mission and Guidelines


The Surety Association of Georgia (the “Association” or “SAOG”) Legislative Committee (the “Committee”) shall assess events and issues impacting corporate suretyship, educate industry stakeholders accordingly, and facilitate a resolution process defending the Association and its Member’s collective interests when appropriate and necessary.


The Surety Association of Georgia formed the Legislative Committee to defend itself and its Members from attacks against the use of corporate suretyship in the State of Georgia.

Governance and Overview

The Legislative Committee will consist of five voting and/or associate members of the Association.  These members will serve on a volunteer annual basis as long as they are active participants of the Committee and Association.  In the fourth quarter each year, the incumbent SAOG President will be responsible for appointing Committee members for the next calendar year.  The Committee will consist of Senior Advisors and Associate Advisors.  Senior Advisors must have a minimum of 10 years industry experience.  Associate Advisors must have a minimum of 2 years industry experience.  The Senior and Associate Advisors must consist of agent(s)/broker(s) and company representative(s), but may also include an SAOG associate member.  Ideally, the Legislative Committee will have a mix of members who deal with contract surety and commercial surety.  The Senior Advisors will select one among themselves as the chairperson for the Committee.  One of the Senior Advisors not selected as chairperson will be the point of contact for the SFAA, and another the point of contact for the NASBP.

Members of the Association will notify the incumbent President of a new or existing local surety industry issues.  The President will notify the Committee chairperson and/or Senior Advisors of a local surety issue.  The Advisory Committee will field the issue and determine the appropriate course of action.  The course of action may be to handle internally or refer to the SFAA or NASBP, or both.  If handled internally, the response to the respective municipality or entity should clearly identify the issue and provide a recommended solution to the issue.  The Senior Advisors will utilize the Associate Advisors as they deem necessary to facilitate the resolution of the issue.

At each SAOG quarterly luncheon, the Committee shall provide to the SAOG an update on new and existing issues, and communicate to the Association the course of action taken.

Committee Contacts:

Daniel McNally –

Ed Ward –

Sam Newberry –

Joy Provost –

Tim Brewer –

Gina Moore –