Dec 5, 2017 - 11:30

Westin Atlanta Perimeter North


SAOG 4th Quarter Luncheon

Tuesday, December 5, 2017@11:30am

Westin Atlanta Perimeter North (7 Concourse Pkwy NE, Atlanta, GA 30328)

Cost: $35

Guest Speaker: Dr. Eric Potterat


Dr. Potterat, former psychologist for US Navy Seals and currently the Director and high performance psychologist for LA Dodgers, on maximizing peak performance at work and home.  He spoke at Lockton’s State of the Company Meeting in June along with the annual producer planning meeting to outstanding reviews.

-Dr. Potterat’s Note:

I am not a pure ‘motivational’ or ‘rah, rah’ type of speaker.  I retired from the Navy as a Commander and psychologist for last 20 years–and the last 10 of those years, I have been the head psychologist for all of the US Navy SEALs worldwide.  I have been in charge of individual and organizational resilience and have focused my career on better understanding the unique characteristics of elite performers (professional athletes, NASA, Fortune 500 executives, Olympians, elite military members, etc.) AND how to operationalize those characteristics and traits in individuals and organizations.  Years of working with and researching these elite performers has allowed me to better understand the science of mental toughness and how many of the same techniques that make elite performers amazingly successful are 100% teachable.  Thus, I now help individuals and organizations better focus on more effective teamwork principles, performing better under pressure, and the development, maintenance and enhancement of resilience–and most importantly, individual self-care in order to perform optimally at one’s high-stress job.  In November, I began my next career as a Director and as the high performance psychologist for the Los Angeles Dodgers (full-time), but I still intermittently be give talks on the above topic areas.  Bottom line:  mental toughness, individual and organizational resilience, and performing better under pressure are all teachable/learnable skills.  My talks tend to be a mixture of techniques and mindset principles which allow individuals and organizations to thrive and excel in the face of pressure.


I will focus my talk on ‘Organizational Culture, Mindset and Adversity Tolerance’.  Specifically, I will introduce you and your associates to 8 core adversity tolerance techniques–and I will walk through them in detail.  I’ve spent my career researching and working for some of the most elite organizations on the planet.  As such, I have been able to take well researched techniques that most high performers use in order to maintain excellence and incorporate them into my talk.  There is a clear difference in the techniques that elite vs. non-elite performers use to optimally perform and navigate through adversity.  The talk will carefully describe those AND will teach the associates about the value and method of successful self-awareness and stress mitigation in high pressure working environments.  Being able to successfully perform under pressure is a learned skill–we are not born with this ability.  My talk will also teach the what, the why and the how behind the techniques that research tells us are the best to deploy when trying to functioning optimally in a high stress, high performance occupation.

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